Past Projects

Sulzer-Strathroy Lift Station Project

Carlson Engineered Composites designed, manufactured, and field-installed a custom 9-ft diameter x 30.5-ft tall fiberglass tank to the client's specifications. In this particular case, our in-house engineer worked with the client to design to AWWA specifications. 

This fiberglass tank was designed to be used as a lift station with a built-in internal service platform, integrated mounting for multiple pumps, pipes, and other fittings. The design was approved and sealed by a Professional Engineered for use in Ontario.

Several customized features of this tank include:

  • an OSHA-rated corrosion-resistant fiberglass platform and railings system
  • an OHSA-rated corrosion-resistant fiberglass ladder access system
  • external foam insulation
  • all aluminum tank cover w/ built-in access hatches, davit mount, and pipe connections
  • stainless steel platform structure with all stainless hardware

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant – Chemical Tank Inspection

Carlson Engineered Composites performed an on-site inspection of a Sodium Hydroxide tank in 2020. This fiberglass tank was manufactured by a 3rd-party in 2008 and installed at a wastewater treatment plant.

The goal of this inspection was to provide expert insight on the current state of the fiberglass tank such that the client can make an informed decision on the recommended maintenance and repair plan. 

A thorough report of all concerns with images and a full recommendation for repair provided to the client.

The inspection was conducted using non-destructive inspection techniques that assessed:

  • the fiberglass tank's interior and exterior surfaces for defects and deterioration
  • the fiberglass tank's wall thicknesses
  • the fiberglass tank's bonded joints
  • the fiberglass tank's fittings and connections

Any identified areas of deterioration, dry reinforcements, cracked gelcoats, bond failures, and signs of leakage are clearly documented and provided to the client in a thorough report.