Public Utilities

Carlson Engineered Composites Inc. supplies municipalities with durable aboveground and underground fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks for a variety of applications. Our in-house engineering team will work with you to configure and customize the tanks to suit your application and requirements.

  • Sewage overflow and stormwater management systems
  • Water and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Community centres / hockey arenas
  • Potable or non-potable water storage tanks
  • Chemical storage & mixing tanks
  • Firewater suppression tanks
  • Lift station systems
  • Rainwater collection tanks
  • Grey water collection tanks
  • Landfill leachate runoff storage
  • Grease separator tanks
  • Etc.

Architectural Fiberglass Services

Carlson Engineered Composites Inc. also offers fibreglass structural products and utility pads to provide a comprehensive corrosion-resistant package for your municipal requirements. Our composite solutions offer the following benefits: 

  • Improved reliability – FRP products perform well various extreme climate conditions which leads to reduced power outages and faster service restoration.
  • Longer service life – Corrosion, rot and pest resistant.  FRP offers excellent weathering and UV protection.
  • Enhanced safety – FRP products are non-conductive with high dielectric strength, are safer for live-line installations and maintenance, and reduce potential touch and step hazards.
  • Environmental sustainability – They are made of non-leaching material and no soil or wetland remediation is ever required.
  • Lifecycle cost savings – Lighter weight results in less shipping costs, less manpower and smaller installation equipment. In addition, durability, chemical resistance, and reduced maintenance are just some of the factors that will provide savings through the long-life of fiberglass products.