On-Site Services

Carlson Engineered Composites Inc. provides a variety of on-site services to support our customers and customers from other manufacturers. Our trained on-site service technicians are certified to work in the harshest environments to ensure the highest quality service is provided. Our current on-site services include:

On-site inspections

  • Our highly experienced certified technicians will inspect existing installations for defects, deterioration, non-conformance, and other issues using non-destruction visual inspection methods and testing. This inspection includes the delivery of an inspection report with recommendations.

On-site repairs

  • Our team of experts and technicians can provide essential on-site installation support to ensure that the finish product is installed as designed. For complex products, our on-site installation service team may provide customized on-site installations services for products and designs that required post-installation services.

On-site installation support

  • Carlson provides high-quality composite repair services as per CSA, ASTM, and ASME specifications. Our repair services can be for Carlson products or for products manufactured by others.